How to Score Good Marks in CBSE Boards…

How to Score Good Marks

There are some tips and tricks that will help you a lot in preparation for the board exams. How many subjects, you touch for on daily basis and how much time you give for a single subject. What is the way of your preparation, these are some points which plays very important role in getting and scoring good marks in the board exams. Let’s talk about how to prepare:

Try to study as least four subjects out of total five per day. This will keep your memory sharp for all subjects. Then spend one hour for a single subject. It means, you to give four hours daily for your all four subjects. But don’t study continuously. Just make a schedule like that…

Study for 1 hour for a subject dedicatedly. Take a small break. In break you can talk to your friends but don’t discuss about study. You can watch TV also and watch only that program you like most. You can do anything interesting you like. Then again come to study. And give one hour for second subject and study dedicatedly; don’t think about movie, songs, picture and other matters. Just concentrate completely on your study. Then again take a short break. The most important think that you have to implement in your all time study that you have to study with your full confident.

Don’t get tensed, it can result in forgetting things that you know very well. Keep studying with fresh mind every time after you take break. Studying in morning is very beneficial as compare to late night study. Studying in morning can be quite difficult but soon you will get habitual for that and you will find more interest in studying. What is the reason for that, in morning your minds keeps fresh and whatever you learn, easily enter in your mind provided you are studying with confidently and dedicatedly.

If you will study like this I am sure you will definitely get high marks in your all exams, CBSE board exams and all other competitive exams.

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This is great news for Indian that our students have topped the list in US. India has the record of the highest number of foreign students, china is on second number and Korea is on number third position.

Should students take the help of CBSE sample papers?

In these days every one is looking for good marks. Students buy many kinds of sample papers and solve then. But in reality many students can not complete these sample papers as they have the burden of many subject. So, how to prepare for the exam?

Don’t buy so many extra cbse sample papers. Just buy one and best sample paper after proper guidance from your seniors and teacher. It has been seen that students normally purchase those sample papers which new publisher offer in school moreover teachers also support them. But this is bad. We should not play with money and with the future of our students just for the sake of money.

So buy and read the sample paper but after proper guidance from your seniors. Take advice from the toppers of your school that how they prepare for the exams which cbse sample papers they had purchased. There are many samples papers for 10th class and 12th class cbse sample papers. You will find interest in solving sample papers if you have completed your course for that sunject. Other wise you may feel bore and sleepy. Don’t west your precious time.

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4 Responses to “How to Score Good Marks in CBSE Boards…”

  1. payal Says:

    hi…gud advice ……how many marks u got in 10 board ..???

  2. CBSE question papers Says:

    Very useful tips to get a high marks in exams… Thanks

  3. obeid Says:

    thankyou for the saying how to prepare for cbse exams

  4. Nikhil Says:

    was very helpful

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