NSO Sample Papers

Instructions :

  1. Sample Papers are downloadable in PDF Format.
  2. To view Sample Papers you should have Acrobat Reader else click here

More Sample Papers at:

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10 Responses to “NATIONAL SCIENCE OLYMPIAD (NSO) Sample papers”

  1. satyam Says:

    i want the samples

  2. shaurya Says:

    pleaase change the pdf document to a windows woks document

  3. Pritesh Says:

    Thank u for helping me

  4. bushra Says:

    very stupid

  5. gurleen Says:


  6. arushi Says:

    can i do online test for 6th class

  7. vayujangra Says:

    u should provide more facilities. cuz its too difficult 2 get sample papers!!!!!!!!

  8. viral Says:

    where is the sample paper for class 9th

  9. ayaz Says:

    suggest a book for NSO 2011 of 9th class.

  10. sruthi bopparthi Says:

    i think u should put sample papers for 9th class also……………

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